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Air hostess salary in India is extremely high and this makes the work even more thrilling. There are many other wonderful benefits air hostesses can enjoy.

The opportunity to travel to far-flung cities and countries is the main attraction of the job. Apart from the excitement from that, the air hostesses' occupation demands a lot of work, extra efforts, and, often the risk of dealing with disruptive passengers, and in more serious instances, terrorists or hijackers.

Thus, becoming the air hostess is definitely not an option for everybody, regardless of their physical appearance or manner of conduct.

Allowances and salaries are another reason for young men and women to join the ranks of the cabin crew.

Air hostess salaries in India vary in accordance with the airline and whether you're employed on international or domestic routes. First, let's be aware of the significance of the terms air hostess and cabin crew.

Air Hostess Salary in India 2022
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Definition of Air Hostess

The phrase "air hostess" is very old-fashioned and is considered to be a derogatory term in certain countries. This is why there was some disagreement among the airline personnel over the use of the phrase for describing their duties as well as their job title.

After some reflection, it was decided to coin the term "flight stewardess'' for females, and 'flight Steward' for males was invented. However, both were not perfect. They were derived directly from stewardesses and stewards who are employed on cruise ships.

In this day and age the proper name for an air hostess' or "flight Stewardess' is cabin crew.

This term has been widely used globally by all airlines and is a standard for those who are part of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as well as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) which is an apex body of the countries of the world and flag carrier airlines that operates under the umbrella of the United Nations.

It is acceptable to use cabin staff because it does not state what gender makes up the employees. It is generally used by males and females alike.

Air Hostess Salary

The median salary of an air hostess is approximately Rs. 5,18,700 a year (Rs.43,225 each month) that is Rs.1,31,200 (+34 percent) higher than the standard salary in India.

An Air Hostess will earn an average salary starting at Rs.2,50,600. The highest wages can go over Rs.10,00,000.

Total compensation includes bonuses, salary as well as profit share:

Base Salary

Rs.2,50,600 - 10,00,000


Rs.6,150 - 2,04,830

Profit Sharing

Rs.0 - 6,25,640

Total Compensation

Rs.2,56,750 - 18,30,470


There is no doubt that working as an air hostess is a dream of many. If you're considering pursuing a job in this field, you should know about Air Hostess Salary in India 2022 up-to-date. The aviation sector requires a welcoming, cheerful, warm, and enthusiastic persona.

There are many positions available in the airlines such as cabin crew, flight attendant pilot, and so on. Therefore, you should know all the details about air hostess salary per month and Flight Attendant/Cabin Crew Salary information, and more.

Air hostesses are among the most prominent occupations in India which is sought-after by many of the students. Apart from that, Air hostesses also are known as flight attendants and cabin crew. In addition to Air Hostess salaries, they also get benefits like Life and Health Insurance facilities and numerous other benefits.

Air Hostess Salary

The High Demand of Air Hostess Jobs as well as their Salary:

In the air hostesses category, experienced International Air Hostesses tend to be the highest-paid, whereas Fresher Air Hostesses get the lowest salaries.

Air hostess is a profession that is highly sought after in India because of the impressive pay scale and opportunity to travel around all over the world. The team of is listing Air Hostess Salary 2022 In India along with many other benefits.

A new Air Hostess who has less than three years of experience could expect to receive an average amount of Rs.2,56,750. An Air Hostess in mid-career with four to nine years of experience can earn an average of Rs.4,42,100 and a senior Air Hostess who has 10-20 years of experience earns on average Rs.7,35,200. Air Hostesses with over 20 years of work experience earn Rs.8,42,300 on average.

How Work Experience Affects the Salary of an Air Hostess

Late Career




Average Salary


Mid Career


Entry Level


Air Hostess - Salary Differences




International AirHostess



Male Air Hostess



Fresher Air Hostess



Factors Affecting Air Hostess Salary

If you're looking to become an air hostess for an airline Here are some guidelines on how much you can earn. There are two kinds of airlines.

  • Full-Service Carriers (FSCs) Full-Service Carriers (FSCs) provide complimentary meals, alcoholic drinks, as well as other beverages for passengers.

  • Low-Cost Carriers (LCCs) passengers flying LCCs receive only complimentary drinking water. They are required to pay a high for food and beverages purchased at the airport.

The amount you earn will be determined by the type of airline FSC or LCC you are employed by. In addition, it will depend on which airline you are working with which airline you work for - Indian as well as foreign.

Usually, international airlines charge more.

The higher pay is due to the airline needing particular linguistic and cultural skills to be able to interact with Indian passengers while operating flights into this country.

Full-Service Carriers

  • FSCs charge more because they provide food and drinks to passengers.

  • They also offer Business Class and First Class cabins, where passengers receive special attention from the airline because they are charged significantly more in comparison to Class Economy Class passengers. Therefore First Class and Business Class passengers receive higher quality meals and more expensive drinks, compared to Economy Class.

  • The majority of FSCs provide Duty-Free shopping on-board for international flights. This means that the cabin crew has the added duty of promoting the products sold on board the aircraft, as well as collecting and keeping track of all payment details.

  • FSCs operate on long, intercontinental routes. This means that you can are granted the right to stay in different countries.

Low-Cost Carriers

  • In general, cabin crew salaries on LCCs are generally lower. This is due to less in-flight work being required.

  • LCCs have a smaller cabin crew. In reality, they carry just the minimum of safety requirements for passengers as outlined by ICAO.

  • Some LCCs that fly internationally also provide duty-free shopping in-flight. However, most of the time the options are restricted, which is why it attracts only a few customers.

  • A few LCCs are operating through foreign ports. Thus, the chances of getting an allowance to stay in the country of another are very limited.

Air Hostess Salary In India:

Job Category

Annual Salary(Rs.)

Flight Attendant Salary In India

Rs. 480,000 to 675,000

Senior Flight Attendant

Salary In India

Rs.550,000 to 825,000

Ground Attendant

Rs.504,000 to 735,000

Cabin Crew

Rs.504,000 to 702,000

Customer Service Agent

Rs.360,000 to 432,000

Cabin Crew Salary In India:


Cabin Crew Salary Per Month

Jet Airways


Air India


Air Hostess Salary In Indigo




Vistara Airlines


Go Air


Jagson Airlines


Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training Salaries in India

Customer Service Salary Structure:

Customer Service

The Air Hostess' Salary Average Salary(per month)

Call Center Representative


Customer Care Specialist


BPO Executive


Customer Service Representative


Inbound Call Center Representative


Administrative Assistant Salary Structure:

Administrative Assistance

The average salary(per month)



Center Manager


Data Entry Clerk




Back Office Executive


Community & Social Service Salary Structure:

Community & Social Service

The average salary(per month)



Direct Care Worker


Assistant Counselor


Counselor Assistant

240,000 per year

Senior Counselor

3000,000 per year

Sales Salary Details:


The average salary(per month)



Lead Generation Specialist


Account Executive


Sales Executive


Outbound Sales Representative


All Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Salary for Management:


The average salary(per month)

Team Leader



5 salaries reported


Business Development Executive


Regional Manager


Offering Manager


What is the average amount the air hostess makes in India?

An IndiGo captain earns an average of 6.01 lakh per year for 70 days of flight. Additionally, he earns 7 lakh per 90 hours. Additionally the pay in the case of cabin crew attendants, the pay has been raised to Rs 31,000 per month.

When job applicants are still fresh, they gain experience in the field and she's not just happy with the incredible opportunity for her to enhance her travel experience as well as with higher payment amounts. Payscale variations based on the city and the cost of living are also a reality.

Air Hostess Perks & Benefits:

We'll now look at the perks along with benefits to Air Hostess jobs as shown below. Please take an overview:

  • Financially-supported travel (for the entire family too) such as flights, car rentals, accommodation cruises.

  • Thirteen to 17 days off each month.

  • Providing retirement benefits

  • Life Insurance Facility

  • Health Insurance Facility

  • Kit Allowance

  • The added benefits of being part of high public events, etc.

The duties of an air hostess

  • Welcome to passengers aboard

  • Help them locate their seats

  • Handbags are arranged in a way that is easy to carry

  • Making Important Announcements

  • Informing passengers about security procedures

What are the qualifications you must have to be a successful air hostess?

Job seekers, who wish to take advantage of this opportunity must finish their degree prior to becoming an aviation professional in the capacity of the air hostess and endure the fundamental training programs offered by top institutions like Frankfinn, Air Hostess Academy, and more.

An entrant could also have several other requirements to qualify as an air hostess as indicated below:

Air hostess/Cabin Crew Qualification

  • Eligibility: Graduate/ 12th Standard Pass

  • Age 17-25 years

  • Height: Minimum of 155 cm for girls and 164 cm for boys.

  • It is a standard that applicants should be fair-skinned and not married.

Other important skills that are required include:

  • Good communication skills

  • The average height is minimum of 5'2" is

  • Fitness (proved by a medical professional)

  • Swimming skills

  • Voice Quality, etc.

Air Hostess Training Course Content:

The curriculum for the role of Air Hostess is the management of aviation, cabin crew training, airport management, computerized tickets reservation systems, currency changing and car rentals passenger insurance customer service at the airline ground handling flight dispatch, management of in-flight, catering, and hospitality and catering, among others.

Along with the skills required for qualification, the program also includes grooming and development of personality efficient communication announcement security awareness as well as first aid and swimming, among others. abilities.

In order to apply on behalf of the position of International Airline, one can follow the following training courses:

  • IATA/UFTAA International Travel & Tourism Training Program

  • IATA/FIATA International Cargo Agent Training Program

  • IATA Aviation Distance Learning program

  • Director-General for Civil Aviation norms


There are numerous institutions offering 3-4 year undergraduate degree programs. There are also many certificate programs for the duration of 06 months. These are listed below:

  • B.Sc Aviation & Hospitality Management

  • B.Sc in Airhostess Training

  • Bachelor of Hospitality Management

Diploma Courses offered in:

  • Air Hostess Training, 2 Year

  • 2-year Aviation and Hospitality Management

  • Aviation Hospitality and Travel Management - 1 year

  • International Aviation and Hotel Management 1 year

Certificate Courses in:

  • Aviation Management

  • Air Hostess/Flight Purser Training

  • Aviation and Hospitality Services

  • Night Rating

  • Aviation Hospitality & Travel Management

  • Hospitality Travel and Customer Service

  • International Airlines and Travel Management


Question: How much does the air hostess earn a year?

Answer The Ans: cabin crew with experience can anticipate earning an average of Rs.15,000-Rs.18,000 per year.

Question: What is Air Hostess Salary Per Month?

Ans: In Jet Airways, The Salary of Air Hostess Per Month is Rs.30,000/-

Question: Do air hostesses get married?

Ans: Air hostesses can get married under the condition that the couple has met during the last four years.

What is the average amount air hostesses earn?

Ans: According to the Department of Labor's Bureau & Labor Statistics, the average salary for an air attendant is $48,500 in the U.S.

Promotions for Air Hostesses / Cabin Crew

Women and men are the majority who join airlines as flight attendants. They receive the basic pay mentioned above, plus different allowances.

After the two-year period of employment, or after completing FDTL qualifications, the pay is increased for air hostess/ cabin crew.

Promotions are generally offered in the following categories.

  • Flight Purser: Following two years of working as an air attendant

  • Senior Purser Between 3 and 4 years following being employed as a cabin crew

  • Cabin Service Supervisor Over four years as a cabin crew

  • Cabin Services Director Upon at least five years in the position of cabin crew

These designations differ based on the airline and are merely an indication of the promotions that are available specifically for air hostess/ cabin crew.

The salary of an air hostess could increase if they switch job roles and join an airline that pays more as long as you have the expertise.

But the airline will instruct you on how to provide in-flight service as per their standard protocols.

Career as an Air Hostess/Cabin Crew:

Today, the aviation sector is growing rapidly and demands personnel. A majority of females are choosing to pursue the air hostess career as it is among the strongest economic industries of our time.

The question of what exactly is Air Hostess Salary In India is often asked. If you are an air hostess, in the beginning, you will receive an excellent salary with many allowances each month.

Final Thought:

India is experiencing an increase in the field of civil aviation. There are numerous major airlines that travel across the country and signal India's presence in the world.

Therefore there is a massive requirement for flight hostesses and cabin crew in India. Here are the best employers of air hostesses cabin crew in India.

I hope you will get all the information you need about Air Hostess Salary 2022 in India. The idea of flying is no longer a sign of being wealthy and high-end. Nowadays, everyone is looking to travel via plane and as an Air hostess, you have the opportunity to travel around the globe. When you are an Air hostess, your work is to be on board.

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